Let’s Play!


People tend to assume that sports to an engineering geek would translate to codeathons and robo-wrestling. A look at NITC’s legion of sports teams, is a clear contrast to this picture perfect definition of the average nerd’s interests. Like every semester, this semester too saw scores of tryouts for the now well settled first years. After strenuously running around the campus their seniors managed to procure the necessary permissions that allowed them to be a part of this. “We had to run around a lot to get permission for the girls. We realised the physical education department hadn’t taken the hostel permissions for the girls to be out on the day of the tryouts. The chief warden told us we were too late when we went to him, but we didn’t stop. In the end the girls had their basketball tryouts. It was an hour late but it still happened” quoted a basketball veteran of the second year. There was a massive turnout for Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton, not to forget NITC’S youngest – the Kho-Kho team. “We had to select 3 people out of the 30 that turned up, the process was grueling – splitting them into teams and assessing them. But now its all done. The practises have begun and we’re having a good time” piped a member from the volleyball team.


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