12th Convocation


The portals of our prestigious college have seen a great variety of human beings. These budding minds set foot on the crow poop strewn grounds with diverse dreams yet they are united by a common goal. Each and everyone of them toil for four long years( longer, for the unlucky few) to attain the title of Engineer. The previous week saw the celebration of the B12 passouts’ success in a gala event conducted at the OAT on the 15th of October. It was a wonderful sight to behold, to see them all prancing around in smiles and laughter, rejoicing in each others success. With their arms on their hearts, they took a sacred pledge to be promising engineers but furthermore responsible human beings. In other news, a good majority of them took shelter in the spiritual retreat of Shangri La, reliving the wonderfully long and hazy nights of yesteryear.
As they walked down the Rajpath one final time, taking in the scents and sights, draped in glistening black robes and the characteristic graduation caps, the pass outs of B12 batch walked with their heads held high and hearts brimming with pride. Our hearty congratulations and well wishes go out to all the graduates.


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