Tiny Tarang


Tarang ’16 is probably something you’ve seen only in the posters stuck all over campus and never heard from any of your friends. Tarang is a national level B-Fest of School of Management Studies, since its inception in NITC. Taking place on the 18th and 19th of October in NITC, Tarang hosts a whole range of management related events and games with cash prizes over ₹25000 for each event. Check out their website to know more! DJ Savyo who is a real hype on the turntable back in Cochin is set to rock the stage in the MBA Complex auditorium. They have also set up an interactive session with Malayalam film industry’s youth icon Vineeth Sreenivasan and the crew from his latest movie ‘Anandham‘ on the 18th October. So don’t miss this chance if this is your fangirling moment. There is no need for ‘B.Techs’ to get ready or be dazzled (or any other cliched terms we content creators might use) by anything, we simply felt that such an event needed to be brought to your notice.


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