Road to Tathva


The countdown to Tathva ’16 has never been closer. With 4 days to go, the campus is lit up and all set to come alive. With headlining acts for the Pro Nites being  the sizzling DJ Siana, When Chai Met Toast with their mellifluous music and of course Ash King, bringing Bollywood all the way down south to Calicut. Of course if you’re not keen on the party side of it, Tathva offers a plethora of  tech-centered events and even other general events that’ll keep you begging for the three day bonanza  to never come to an end. If you haven’t gotten yourself registered yet, we suggest you keep a look out on the the official Tathva website and register now!

On a side note, the official Tathva app is loaded up and is just waiting for the trigger to be pulled. Expect it’s release sometime this week. The annual Road To Tathva Treasure Hunt for the first years is a highlight for a junior-senior interaction and this year will hopefully be the same. Since most engineering students are well prepped by coaching centers, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give a bonus hint to our avid readers. Revise the names of the campus hotspots and familiarize yourselves with all of Tathva’s event names. Watch out as your seniors gift you with nerve-wracking ‘tasks’ as you play your way to the final clue.

Finally and probably most importantly, PAD and INFRA. With Friday fast approaching, it is trivial to know that there is an enormous amount of work to be done. If the junior boys are still unaware of your committees, do remember there is just one for you; INFRA. For the girls, if not for PAD, your primary objective will be to show up for the stalls. We hope you do realize how essential your work and time will be for the forthcoming days and expect utmost cooperation in carrying out our duties. Gear up and get set, the ‘Tathva feel’ is about to kick in.


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