Tathva signing off



After months of toilsome work by the students, this year’s Tathva was something hitherto unforeseen. The technomanagement fest that featured a plethora of 70+ events, lectures, workshops etc. was a huge success when compared to the previous years as students from across the nation thronged the college to participate. The informals and food stalls attracted a decent crowd as usual.The biggest crowdpuller of Tathva, Wheels was a treat to the eyes and ears, with all those revving engines and breathtaking stunts. Tathva ’16 also hosted a Paintball for the very first time in the city of Calicut. The new Tathva theme song also gave the fest a fresh vibe. Adizya was an instant hit and managed to attract a lot of spectators – thanks to their team who nailed it right from the launch of their  visually-stunning website. This year’s Tathva was a success thanks to every single committee and all its executives. A special shout out to our one and only TAS and the other coordinators who have been after it’s success right from the beginning of the year. As a whole, Tathva managed to entertain everyone – from all those ‘action’ packed clashes near the OAT (ahem ahem!) to the proshows to the lantern – filled Rajpath.


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