Why did Amul disappear?

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-30 at 1.59.00 PM.jpeg

Amul Parlour, the only place that’s been satisfying the hunger and the sudden crave for junk food in LH after 8:30, has been shut down. It came as a surprise not just to the regular customers but also to Latha chechi ( a.k.a Amul chechi), who ran the place and is now at a loss. As of now there’s no particular reason to this tragedy but some say it’s to bring in a new branch of Juicy to help improve the unhealthy lifestyle of the students( pfft..like that’s going to stop us!). Others think it’s because the parlour was already at a loss and Latha chechi must’ve found it hard to manage the place all by herself which is quite contradicting. In its absence, the night mess is open every night to silence the complains of the hungry girls but little do the caretakers know that no mess can substitute Amul and its chechi.


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