Side Fest


Set apart from the babble of the NITC mainland, the aspiring businessmen and administrators reside in a beautiful campus where their temple of knowledge, The School Management of Studies is situated. In contrast to the ‘fullpwoli’ Tathva conducted by the BTechs and the BArchs of NITC, Tarang’16 set foot this season and won everybody’s heart as a successful management fest. With events like Blitzkrieg, Alcestis and Breakeven, which prepared a battleground for the best managerial brains in the country, Tarang also made sure that alongwith brainwrecking events, the postgraduates also got a platform to revitalise their cultural talents with events like Thalam and Ad-selfie. The fest also witnessed a gala performance by one of the most talented Cine artist of our era, Vineeth Srinivasan, as the college auditorium thronged and sang in unison to the singer’s best tunes. Tarang’16 ,apart to being a success, has also induced a change in the general perception, that SOMS folks are not just career-oriented and money minded people, there is immense talent and love for cultural aspects embedded in those formal shirts and trousers, sported by these post-graduates throughout their college life.


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