The Conclave


The first club event of the year, a Conclave on the topic Crime and Punishment, was conducted by LnD (i.e, yours truly) on 27th October at the ELHC Pits. A panel consisting of representatives from BTech, MBA and faculty(our dearest Harikrishnan sir) steered the discussion which was moderated by fourth year LnDian Vijay Gopal. The audience were given ample opportunities to put in their own two cents.
Though the event started off with the philosophical question of whether punishment should be given to teach a lesson to the wrongdoers or as a deterrent to the society, the focus soon shifted to more sensational topics like the need of rehabilitation and –you guessed it- capital punishment. Both supporters and the oppositions of the penalty passionately argued for their cause giving lucid reasons, examples and analogies. The comparison between the crime scenario in India and the ragging situation in our college got the applause of all first years. Even after the conclave drew to a close at the end of two hours, informal discussions (read heated arguments) continued, as the crowd was reluctant to leave the topic. Everyone who attended the discussion went back with a wider understanding of crime and punishment, mind brimming with thoughts and questions.
In a nutshell, the Conclave provided a much needed platform for the students to chew over the salient issues prevailing in the society and to meet and befriend like minded people.


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