We are the champions!


History repeats itself. NITC’s prized football team has come home with the trophy yet again. With a college funded flight all the way to Agartala, the team was sure to be ridiculed had they not returned victorious. Rightly so, they did in fact take on all the teams right up until the semi finals with ease. It was in the semis where they thought they had finally met their match, the home team. With a 1-0 lead they inched their way to the finals. There they held their ground, defending their title from the last team that challenged their throne. The only thing standing between NIT Bhopal and the trophy were the 11 mammoths all the way down from Calicut. The 3-0 scoreline(thanks to Rashidikka and Manish Bhaiya) turned out to be a complete tragedy for the losers but a breeze for the gems from Cali. Special mentions to the top scorer Faheem M Faisal and the one man wall Akhil Ansar who managed to maintain a clean sheet throughout the tournament. And how can I forget the only second year Bharath Menon who found a spot on the squad the same way he crawled his way into this post. Congrats team! Now go around listening to your friends begging for a treat.


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