Got ₹20 in my pocket

credits: Whatsapp

It was late in the evening when Modiji dropped his bomb on India and hence on the more important little town of Kattangal. How has this sudden MODIfication affected NITC? (The editor is deeply sorry for being ‘punny’, he simply couldn’t resist.)
Milma, Amul, Juicy and mini canteen chettans and chechis were shoved with ₹500 notes, forcing them to accept it till midnight. Trolls and memes came faster than bullets on WhatsApp and Facebook. Petrol stations were out of petrol thanks to the unforeseen rush of customers.
With the ATMs shutdown for the next two days, students left the canteens and restaurants of Kattangal deserted. For the very first time those change carriers who always pitch in the least on any given day felt rich. Surprisingly enough, BEVCO queues also saw a drastic drop in size. We believe it has nothing to do with students of this innocent tiny town. Like all backbenchers, shopkeepers too stopped taking large notes.
The turmoil seems to have settled down as long queues have now shifted to replenished ATMs. On a brighter note, at least now the campus ATMs will have to dispense ₹100 notes.  With the US dropping the next bomb in the form of Trump, we are unsure of when things will go back to normalcy.


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