Basketball Diaries

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-12 at 8.48.14 PM.jpegIt was with heavy hearts that the basketball and kabaddi teams of our college returned from Jaipur, the venue for their inter-NIT tournaments this year. If one word could describe their plight, it would be unfortunate. All odds were against the NITC girls’ and boys’ basketball teams who were the defending runner’s up and champions respectively.

Sources (close friends :p) say that girls’ team had a fair chance of winning. Yet, much to the shock of everyone, they lost by a mere basket against the “not so great team” from NIT Kurukshetra. “The referees were very partial to teams from North India. It was very evident from the fact that the fouls committed by the team from Kurukshetra were overlooked and even the slightest of touch from our side were called as fouls”, said the team. According to the initial rules, the top 2 teams from each pool (there were 4 pools of 4 teams each) would move to the quarter finals. So even with the 14-16 loss against Kurukshetra, they still had hopes of moving up the ladder. However what happened next came as a huge blow to their optimism, the authority decided to chuck the quarters and directly proceed to semis which meant that the girls’ team from NIT Calicut was out of the tournament. No amount of protesting or pleading made the authorities budge. “The decision was unexpected and very unfair because the boys’ teams had to go through a pre- quarter finals and a quarter finals before entering the semi finals.” They still feel that they would have definitely reached the semi final were they given the opportunity.
To compensate for the loss against Kurukshetra, the boys’ team got a whopping score of 35-18 against NIT Uttarakhand and eased their way to quarter finals. However the way the fixtures were made for the quarters was very unsporting. Out of the 4 teams that qualified for the semi finals last year, 3 were put in the same group. So what everyone expected to see as the final match between Calicut and Surat, happened much earlier in the quarters itself. The team from our college put up a good fight but lost by 6 points. But hey, there is a silver lining to every cloud and here too, this score was way better than the score for the final match between Surat and Surathkal boys.
At the end of the tournament, Surathkal’s girls and Surat’s boys emerged victorious.

Not to forget the kabaddi team who is still very much new to the inter-NIT scene, this year being their second go at it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get past the quarter finals stage as they were knocked out against Warangal. The team had the determination and the skill but the lack of a professional coach was apparent from their performance. The team is also of the same opinion when asked about their self assessment. They incurred a lot of injuries with one of them actually getting a fracture, yet this didn’t deter them from putting their best foot forward. What they were delighted about the most was the fact that victory was theirs when they had to bump heads with the home team, Jaipur.
We are confident that with the sportsmanship and will power that the teams possess, they’ll be bringing home laurels next year.


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