Chalachithra Samithi


Watching movies is the most resorted leisurely activity when we are bored out of our skulls by our rip-roaring college life. And to watch a critically acclaimed movie about the social issues pertinent to our society, not just satiates that universal appeal of entertainment but also arouses the long gone conscience in people. NITC Chalchithra Samithi took a commendable initiative by giving an opportunity to the spectators to witness the grim realities and drudgeries of our society through Indian Cinema. Movies such as Masaan and Born into Brothels were not just a feast for the art lovers, but managed to touch the sensitive cords of all of it’s viewers. The documentary “Born into Brothels”, presented by the Chalchithra Samithi in association with the Literary and Debating Club inspired its audience to a great extent and was the perfect spark for the right discussion. The documentary screening and discussion took place at the Raman Lecture Hall in the Physics Department at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, the 3rd of November. The event set an excellent pedestal for the people to put forth their views on one of the most sensitive topics of our country, Prostitution. Myriad measures were discussed to curb the malignant practice.

The most wonderfully laid-out plans can prove fruitless if implementation is inefficient; something we’ve often struggled with in India. And NITC Chalchithra Samithi caters this need to put in place sensitisation and awareness amongst the folks and the importance to weaken the sting of social stigmatisation through its manoeuvre.

Note: Movie screening followed by a discussion takes place on most Wednesdays or Thursdays at the Raman Lecture Hall. Contact LnD 2nd year Albert Bonnie for more information.


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