Humans Of NITC


After an ambitious effort and much anticipation, The Literary and Debating Club of NITC made its mark by following the footsteps of The Humans of New York, and henceforth establishing its own new exclusive series – The Humans of NITC, HONIT, as it is popularly known among the club executives, is a result of meticulous workplan laid out by the junior executives under the guidance of the senior members, in bringing out the true inspirational and day to day untold stories of the invisible faces of the campus. With this conventional line of work, the club intends to convey message about the different lives that revolve around the hectic student life. The first edition of HONIT gave a glimpse into the life of Abeedh aka Abeedhka, a differently abled man, who sells cigarettes in the outskirts of the college walls, and how he fought against all odds and lives with the so much optimism to achieve more for his family and children. ” I am very glad that people have been inspired by my life story. Students come to me, and tell me that I have become the star of NIT. There is much more to my life… One day I hope to make it big, by writing a book.”, Abeedhka reported. With this story out on the club fb page and WhatsApp groups, HONIT received a positive response, in majority. The club expects to work on their shortcomings and improve in the coming days, to keep up with their readership quality. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!


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