Sir, Please sir!


It’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s running around with tiring lab exams and tensing vivas. It’s also one of those days when many regret the momentary joy they gained from skipping a few first hours to get that extra ten minutes of sleep. Some of the faculty claim to be seeing some of the faces for the very first time when they come asking if they have any shortage. Many in fear of being trapped by the burdensome ‘W’ are willing to do anything for the professor to avoid learning a subject a second time if they did it once at all. Fear not, condonation are a perfect tool to get them out of this ditch. But one too many times the two hours thanks to Tathva is just not enough. When things get real hard and you have no way out, you know what they are forcing you to do. Recollect that toothache you had three months ago and go to the right doctor for the very original medical certificate that proves your innocence. Pro tip: don’t mess up the dates. You need to make sure your fever or stomachache happened on the right day.
If none of this works, I’m afraid the future is starting to look a little grey for you. Beg as far as you can, make the promises of punctuality that you can’t keep and just pray they see your ‘puppy eyes’ and let you off. We’re deeply sorry if none of the above steps worked for you but atleast you get a second chance at fixing things.


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