Stone Age


The college hostels have been struck by a series of power and internet outages over the past week. With the end semester exams right around the corner, this has been a cause of much worry to the hostel residents. It was as if the heat of the exams wasn’t taking its toll on the students, the lack of power made sure to make sweat trickle down their foreheads.
This weekend was particularly testing in many ways. As the power was restored, the mega hostel echoed with sighs of relief, but wait, there was more! The Internet disappeared into obscurity leaving us disconnected and lost. The less tech savvy among us turned to screaming at the in-corridor Hackerman to fix the WiFi, but to no effect. Angry words were spewed, fists were shook and voices were raised as the frustration was vented out. It’s truly a sight to behold to see a 21st century human crying for virtual company whilst in the presence of friends, but such is the state of man.
On further investigation, it was found that the increasingly large traffic on the network had forced the CNC to shut/slow down internet facilities. Insider information reveals that the CNC plans to place data caps on all user accounts. Whether or not this information is genuine, the CNC will definitely be taking strict action to ensure a smoother traffic flow on the NITC networks in the future.

P.S B16 roll numbers might be useful.


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