The suffocating even semester

The clubs in NITC have since yore been engaged in a battle to prove that their association is the best in college, and their reputation is measured in the success of the events that they conduct for our first years. Involving months of meticulous planning and preparation, these affairs are a matter of pride for the members and a platform for our juniors to have fun and show off their skills. However, thanks to the cramped academic calendar and the hassles regarding permissions, events this sem have been few and far between. Colosseum by IPF (read about it in the archives) was the only full day event conducted by a club in this semester, and thanks to our lovely Warden, even that was cut short from the usual two days.
As a result, a whole lot of events have been rescheduled to the coming even semester. Starting off with a bang with Spectrum by ISTE ( Dec 31 and Jan 1), the coming semester is filled to the brim with programmes including Sangam (ICA), Dance and Dramatics week (DnD), LnD’s own Debutante, and many more. Club executives are making rounds around the college trying to get the best dates, and almost every weekend is booked. So be wary and stay with your parents as long as you can because by the end of January things will definitely be heating up on campus.


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