NITC in the papers!


This might be old news but hey, worth mentioning right? Thanks to a circular that never passed through the hands of anyone sensible enough to rephrase it, NITC finally made it to national e-papers. The notice was titled as a ‘Warning’ below which it was stated that the GIRLS found roaming with boys in the residential campus near the Ladies Hostel would be punished severely. As if the threat to suspend or expel a student wasn’t enough, the poorly written notice also focused the punishments on the female student. With national papers like India Today and Time Of India publishing this story, there was no way out of the limelight for our institution. Angry students shared posts and conveyed their pity for the administration with heavy hearts. Responses to the atrocity flew in from different parts of the county. NITC Alumni, student groups from different colleges and even feminist activist groups chose to respond and spread the news. It was almost too late when our very own SAC members spoke to the administration to get things sorted. “The circular was put out in a hurry due to some activities that occurred in the area. The concerned authorities have taken down the notice and we have asked them to release a statement announcing the withdrawal. ” said the General Secretary of SAC after a meeting with the concerned warden.

Yes, the issue has now blown over and yes it was an enormous blunder on the Warden’s part. But have we recovered from the tainted image the country sees us in? And is it time to march against the LH curfew once again? Maybe its time girls are allowed to take the last bus back to Kattangal just like the boys. Tell us what you think went wrong, how it could have been handled and of course, if its time for a change. This is crowtalks, signing off.


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