Pass ya fail?


That day you dread is almost here. If you planned on making any sacrifices to a higher power, now is the time. Arm yourselves with the greatest lies you can come up with (if you are sitting with your parents that is) and stay strong when you click on the link. Want to go on a trip? better do it before they release the ‘kraken‘. Of course not everyone is on the same boat as some of you. You know those kids who said “Failing, for sure dude!” ? Yeah you’ll be forced to watch some of those liars get double your scores but that’s okay, some of the others will stay true to their words. Gather your army and get ready to throw a couple of swears at the toppers who said the paper went bad for them, they too don’t have your back. But maybe this post is a little too biased. Not all of you are on the extremes. Maybe some of you are just glad that its over. Irrespective of what category you fall under, believe in yourself when you take a look at the results. We at CrowTalks wish you all the luck we can dig up and offer an invisible cookie to everyone who survives.

The tentative date for announcement of results is the 7th of December so keep an eye on the NITC website for that. We’d also like to remind you that college is already asking for your money again so make sure you’ve got all of the fee payment details sorted.


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