Chandappan To The Rescue


When NITC experiences the difficult days of the dark even semester, the whole campus on the other hand is enthralled by the entry of a new member into the NITC family- Chandappan. The white colour, 12+D seater, max power: 58 bhp, ground clearance 210mm, fuel type: diesel with additional features like power steering and ABS system- Force traveller has not only won the hearts of the ladies, but most importantly, it has completely transformed the lives of the poor boys.
The diligent prayers of the ailing inmates of the Mega boys hostel (situated in the unknown terrains of the residential campus) have finally been answered. Also, the possibility of a new bike for the poor lads have been mercilessly turned down by many parents, as reported by one of our expert reporters.The entry of the Chandappan bus service, and the notice on the NITC website, along with the bus routes henceforth ensures no more schemes for a new bike. Last but not the least, the early morning trekking to the classes have become less of a task. Thanks to the almighty management. Amen.

Check out the official bus routes here!


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