Clubbing Scenes


With the advent of the Ragam semester, everyone in the college is in a frenzy to get permissions and to organize their respective club events. Three clubs have already successfully finished their events and three more are in the process of doing the same.
ISTE made sure that the first years stayed back for New Year’s and as promised, the freshers enjoyed themselves. Their enthusiasm was infectious and it left many of us wishing we could be a part of the party. At the end of the two days, BAP won Spectrum’17 by a large margin.
Next was ICA’s turn to delight the first years and sure enough they left no stone unturned. With a massive turnout, Sangam lived upto it’s expectation of being the much awaited “freshers’ party”. Soon after this, LnD hosted their event, Debutante.
Despite the fact that it was held on the weekend before T1, students turned up in large numbers to prove their mettle. The first years who participated in this event conducted by LnD, would vouch for the fact that they had a gala time. Debutante also saw Chem-EP break BAP’s winning spree with the other club events so far.
Yet to stage their act in the coming weekends are Club Math, Adventure Club and DnD. We wish them the very best for their ventures. This semester, filled with events and activities on almost every weekend will definitely make up for any complaints that the first years’ had, if any, about their first semester being dull and monotonous.