Football Frenzy

16300443_1091969154246853_1972060912432212711_o (1).jpg
In the hockey ground, during the wee hours of the morning, some of football’s greatest clubs descend from their heavenly abode to take part in our humble Mega Football League. The German giants, Borussia Thorthmundu, and the Spanish giants, Real Megadrid, are also present in this league organized by a few second years of NITC. Matches have been fierce but not very close, with highly skewed scorelines being reported on their website, . The tournament began with 8 teams on the 24th of January 2017 but only one will lift this new yet prestigious trophy.

Apart from this new growth of football spirit among the second years, the annual Fourz Tournament is being organized by the Fourth years. Things have been taken to a whole new level this time with the release of a Fantasy Fourz app that allows you to make your fantasy team with your actual friends. Impressive huh? Now even the spectators get to actively participate. First game is scheduled for the 13th of February. Find out more about Fourz ’17 here!


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