A wild crow appears

Greetings to all the ardent readers of this humble distribution house. After a month long break from our fortnightly release schedule, the press is rolling again! Some of you probably didn’t even notice the absence of the murmurings of the crows but some others may have. Okay never mind, maybe nobody actually noticed them disappear. If anyone did wonder though, allow me to tell a tale so unbelievable that I’ll be charged with blasphemy for sharing the truth but the internet must know the facts.
Struck with an acute case of diarrhea that affect only the sharpest of the crows, one by one our loyal reporters stopped reporting back to Castle Crow. The virus deemed them unfit for field duty. Apart from this havoc, their usual curly haired drop zone went missing for two weeks. Reports suggest this was directly related to the busy schedule of the 9 pointer species during T1. Things finally got out of hand and the Whitewalkers(the students walking on the Rajpath who were severely affected by the effects of the diarrhea) were forced to charge the crows with harassment for their PDA (Public Display of Annoyance). Adding to their misery, crow scouts have spotted a competing surveillance team that goes by the name ‘ചന്തപ്പൻ'(A series of letters they were unable to decode). Footage shows the team going all over campus in a white Tempo Traveller transporting fellow spies all day long. All these factors summed up and left the reporters in a coma. Now, we understand you don’t believe all this happened but then again; ignorance truly is bliss.
It was only recently when the Prime Minister wished his ‘mitron’ a very patriotic Republic Day that we were able to gather the team back together. A lot has changed since then. Fed by the recent drizzles, the crows have revived from the virus attack and were swift in returning to action. The cultural semester has proved to be exciting before and we at Crow Talks are excited to record every day of it from now on.


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