FOSS Meet ’17


For the uninitiated, FOSSMeet is an annual event on Free and Open Source Software, conducted by FOSSCell of NITC. Started with a vision to create a culture of innovation, evolution and open standards, the meet intends to support the FOSS community and the dissemination of FOSS ideology through hands-on sessions, discussions and lectures. Held on March 10, 11th and 12, this year’s FOSSMeet features informative lectures by eminent speakers as well as workshops on Rust programming language and Indic keyboards. Students from KTU as well as software enthusiasts (read geeks :P) are expected to be the main participants.
The main highlight of the event is an 14 hour long Hackathon on Saturday night which will test both the skill and endurance of the participants. Good news for female programmers and coder couples out there: girls have been given permission to participate in the hackathon and stay in college all night. In conclusion, if coding and development is your thing, then FOSSMeet is where you should be this weekend.


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