The Good Mess Project


All of us see this sight on our way in and around the city( or in any part of our country for that matter. ) A wailing child in the arms of his/her mother. The mother, desperate to feed her children, extends her hand in request for alms. What if we as college students could do even the slightest bit to put food in their bellies for just one night at the least?

The Good Mess Project is a social project initiated by a couple of our final year B.Tech students. They collect food from every mess on campus, pack them up and take it to feed the the hungry and poor. Today, they pack four meals every Saturday afternoon from every mess and give it to the needy in the city. A trip right before messes open ensures that the food gets delivered right on time.

“None of this would move forward without the cooperation of the mess managers and the other kindhearted students from all years. Blood Donors Kerala, an NGO, have also been actively helping us with the distribution.” said one of the fourth years involved. “Imagine the impact we could make if we could send over a small portion of the food made here from every meal? Transport and time has been our primary barrier.” “We can’t thank the mess staff enough for helping us in doing our little bit for society. We sincerely hope this doesn’t die with our year and soon becomes a part of NITC’s daily routine.”

We, as a community here in NITC, have an unimaginable potential in making significant strides in helping the lesser fortunate. It only takes such  small initiatives to bring about a big change in some lives. Doing a good deed once makes you feel good, but doing it forever makes you divine.


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