The Spirit of Ragam

is a reputed technical institute and functions as one for the most part except for the months of February and March. The college transforms as a cultural spirit seizes the institution. The caws of the crows are drowned out by the voice training of the Streetplay teams. The usual stalwarts of streetplay i.e the Hindi and the Malayalam streetplay teams are now joined by a new entrant. The Telugu diaspora in our college is realizing their dream of having a streetplay team of their own. The MB is no longer known as the location of the dreaded Engineering Graphics rooms instead it is now home to the temporary yet hallowed grounds of the NITC Mime team. The MB also plays host to the comedians of our institution, the Movie Spoof team. The NLHC transforms from a drab lecture hall complex to a veritable cultural theatre with the English Drama team, the Dance teams and the Fashion Show team all making the NLHC their home. The silence surrounding the inner reaches of the main campus has been eviscerated by the various melodies cranked out by the Music Club from their room in the Audi. The college has entered a whole new level as we hurtle towards Ragam 2017. 


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