About Us

We, the members of The Literary and Debating Club | NIT Calicut aim to make this blog the unofficial website of the National Institute of Technology Calicut for years to come. Here you’re supposed to find news that matters to the average NITCian, that you wouldn’t dream of finding on the official website (which, by the way, should you need it, is here, and has been since the turn of the millennium)

Why the name you ask?

Crows play a significant role in our tiny NITC lives. They are all around the campus. They hear and see everything that goes in and around campus. Might just be most well connected network around here. Imagine the crows start telling you everthing they know, how informed are you? Welcome to Crow Talks.

started by 2015 – 2019 batch, with valuable help from 2014 – 2018 batch