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March 2017 Edition – I

February 2017 Edition – I


November 2016 Edition – II

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October 2016 Edition -I



September 2016 Edition -II


September 2016 Edition -I

The mighty Penta-weekend

The 10th of September will be the first day of the first really long weekend we get off. While most students find time to head back home, many trippers opt to take the high road and go off to their promised land. Inertia may affect many students causing the lucky ones to skillfully cut a Thursday and Friday to get a bonus four days ( Our condolences to the ones with a lab on those days)

Prisons to protect civilians?

In the light of recent cases, NITC has taken all sorts of precaution to protect the first years this time. Our repeated cameo hero, The Chief Warden, has reverted all permission for first year events for the next three months. Gates bolted shut and security guards watching like hawks, there is no way a junior can fall prey this semester. Luckily enough nobody seems to care anymore as the college moves on as if the first years never existed.

Infra & Reinfra Rerun?

Thanks to a few unfortunate incidents and a whole lot of dormant freshers, the first years may be the first batch to miss out on taking part for Tathva. A more horrific concern for the second years seem to include nightmares of good ol bench lifts and night outs. Beliefs suggest that college will run as usual soon enough but the stern judging eyes of the authorities may prove them wrong.

The T1 Blues

The beginning of September marks the end of T1 and also the coming of that one weekend where nobody cares about anything. Faculty promises to take away this ungodly happy feeling by handing out answer sheets to everyone during the week right after. We are one weekend away from knowing if God really can work miracles on answer sheets. May the force be with you all.

Poles talking a little too much?

The arrival of the brand new app ‘Pole Talks‘ has taken NITC by a storm. With the constant dissing and pranking system followed, Pole Talks has turned out to be an open gossiping forum. In all seriousness, the innovative and productive app has managed to get a constant source of users and this depicts the need for such a location specific social app in an eventful campus like NITC. #subtlebrandpromotion

SAC Onam Is Coming

Brace yourselves and prepare to be flushed in fancy uniform colors as the whole college gets ready to celebrate Onam on the 24th of September, brought to you by the Student Affairs Council. Profile pictures in Kurtas and sarees are bound to be a trend if you survive the clinking bottles from the night before.

August 2016 Edition

C hostel Wi-Fi taken down by super villain Chief Warden

C Hostel WiFi restored. After spotting LAN wires running overhead, our very own super villain, chief warden, singlehandedly took down the WiFi network for the whole hostel. After a whole lot of grovelling and apologies, it’s back!

Mega Mess for the boys. Finally!

Boys Mega Hostel finally gets its own mess.  Second years will no longer be forced to trek up all the way to campus or even worse, suffice with the tasteless doggie treat served at IH. The boys now get their breakfast and dinner brought to the Mega Hostel from the G mess. The lack of surplus extras is a concern but the good ol’ Milma counter manages to keep the boys content. Those looking for a wider variety still tread upon difficult paths to satisfy their hunger.

Is the LH curfew back?

Sly moves by authorities to restore old LH curfew timings by sending mails to parents asking for their guidance. Tapping the general worry of parenthood to take away parole hours from the girls might have been one of the most intelligent moves yet by the NITC Ladies Hostel superiors. Reports suggest that the plan failed as most parents forgot to reply. (We believe the mail probably got lost like all other junk mail people receive.)

First years are here!

First years are here. The end of the first year orientation day marks the coming of our new little elves. Careful folks, don’t even give them a glance, ragging is a criminal offence. We , at Crow Talks, strongly believe they should be left alone and not bothered for the entirety of the next one academic year. Strongly.