The Spirit of Ragam

is a reputed technical institute and functions as one for the most part except for the months of February and March. The college transforms as a cultural spirit seizes the institution. The caws of the crows are drowned out by the voice training of the Streetplay teams. The usual stalwarts of streetplay i.e the Hindi and the Malayalam streetplay teams are now joined by a new entrant. The Telugu diaspora in our college is realizing their dream of having a streetplay team of their own. The MB is no longer known as the location of the dreaded Engineering Graphics rooms instead it is now home to the temporary yet hallowed grounds of the NITC Mime team. The MB also plays host to the comedians of our institution, the Movie Spoof team. The NLHC transforms from a drab lecture hall complex to a veritable cultural theatre with the English Drama team, the Dance teams and the Fashion Show team all making the NLHC their home. The silence surrounding the inner reaches of the main campus has been eviscerated by the various melodies cranked out by the Music Club from their room in the Audi. The college has entered a whole new level as we hurtle towards Ragam 2017. 


The Good Mess Project


All of us see this sight on our way in and around the city( or in any part of our country for that matter. ) A wailing child in the arms of his/her mother. The mother, desperate to feed her children, extends her hand in request for alms. What if we as college students could do even the slightest bit to put food in their bellies for just one night at the least?

The Good Mess Project is a social project initiated by a couple of our final year B.Tech students. They collect food from every mess on campus, pack them up and take it to feed the the hungry and poor. Today, they pack four meals every Saturday afternoon from every mess and give it to the needy in the city. A trip right before messes open ensures that the food gets delivered right on time.

“None of this would move forward without the cooperation of the mess managers and the other kindhearted students from all years. Blood Donors Kerala, an NGO, have also been actively helping us with the distribution.” said one of the fourth years involved. “Imagine the impact we could make if we could send over a small portion of the food made here from every meal? Transport and time has been our primary barrier.” “We can’t thank the mess staff enough for helping us in doing our little bit for society. We sincerely hope this doesn’t die with our year and soon becomes a part of NITC’s daily routine.”

We, as a community here in NITC, have an unimaginable potential in making significant strides in helping the lesser fortunate. It only takes such  small initiatives to bring about a big change in some lives. Doing a good deed once makes you feel good, but doing it forever makes you divine.

Club Events

It’s said that first year is the best one in the life of an NITCian mostly because of the pampering first years receive. Thanks to all the clubs, the first years had hardly any time to miss home due to the hectic schedule. Nevertheless, fun and laughter were always guaranteed. Unfortunately, as this semester is coming to an end, so are the club events. All the students including the first years are toiling away to prepare the college for the most awaited fest, Ragam. Club inductions after Ragam, will mark the end of all club activities this academic year. First years, this means it’s almost time to leave your nutshell and step into our shoes. Good luck kids!

 A number of budding photographers went around taking photos. Since we were lazy to ask each of them for their permission to publicize the links, you may find some of the photo links from the respective club pages down here! But if you still want to check out the other photos, drop us a comment and we’d be happy to create a database for our readers.

FOSS Meet ’17


For the uninitiated, FOSSMeet is an annual event on Free and Open Source Software, conducted by FOSSCell of NITC. Started with a vision to create a culture of innovation, evolution and open standards, the meet intends to support the FOSS community and the dissemination of FOSS ideology through hands-on sessions, discussions and lectures. Held on March 10, 11th and 12, this year’s FOSSMeet features informative lectures by eminent speakers as well as workshops on Rust programming language and Indic keyboards. Students from KTU as well as software enthusiasts (read geeks :P) are expected to be the main participants.
The main highlight of the event is an 14 hour long Hackathon on Saturday night which will test both the skill and endurance of the participants. Good news for female programmers and coder couples out there: girls have been given permission to participate in the hackathon and stay in college all night. In conclusion, if coding and development is your thing, then FOSSMeet is where you should be this weekend.

All pain, no rain.


Owing to the blistering heat of the sun and the absence of even the slightest overcast over the city of Calicut, water shortage has struck the college early this year. Even though signs of water crisis popped up last year only around May, this time the predicament has resurfaced to haunt the campus much earlier. This year’s SAC Holi celebration has already been called off, which strengthens the dreading fear that the water scarcity might actually affect Ragam ’17. Rumours about classes closing right after Ragam are still going around in the campus. Let’s hope all the hard work doesn’t go in vain. We strongly advise you against celebrating birthdays in ways that waste water in any manner. Kindly save water, its high time you realize we are running short of it.

A wild crow appears

Greetings to all the ardent readers of this humble distribution house. After a month long break from our fortnightly release schedule, the press is rolling again! Some of you probably didn’t even notice the absence of the murmurings of the crows but some others may have. Okay never mind, maybe nobody actually noticed them disappear. If anyone did wonder though, allow me to tell a tale so unbelievable that I’ll be charged with blasphemy for sharing the truth but the internet must know the facts.
Struck with an acute case of diarrhea that affect only the sharpest of the crows, one by one our loyal reporters stopped reporting back to Castle Crow. The virus deemed them unfit for field duty. Apart from this havoc, their usual curly haired drop zone went missing for two weeks. Reports suggest this was directly related to the busy schedule of the 9 pointer species during T1. Things finally got out of hand and the Whitewalkers(the students walking on the Rajpath who were severely affected by the effects of the diarrhea) were forced to charge the crows with harassment for their PDA (Public Display of Annoyance). Adding to their misery, crow scouts have spotted a competing surveillance team that goes by the name ‘ചന്തപ്പൻ'(A series of letters they were unable to decode). Footage shows the team going all over campus in a white Tempo Traveller transporting fellow spies all day long. All these factors summed up and left the reporters in a coma. Now, we understand you don’t believe all this happened but then again; ignorance truly is bliss.
It was only recently when the Prime Minister wished his ‘mitron’ a very patriotic Republic Day that we were able to gather the team back together. A lot has changed since then. Fed by the recent drizzles, the crows have revived from the virus attack and were swift in returning to action. The cultural semester has proved to be exciting before and we at Crow Talks are excited to record every day of it from now on.



February is here and it’s that time of the year when couples and all the yet-to-be lovers start planning for their special ones. A big surprise awaits all those love-birds in campus who are eagerly waiting for Feb 14th. Two years back, NITC celebrated Valentine’s Day by releasing heart-shaped helium balloons up into the sky. The day was a huge success with couples releasing the balloons together. This year, the Ragam ’17 team is bringing back that tradition with a much bigger and a more colourful Valentine’s Day. The anticipation of what’s in store for the day is sure to increase all the excitement.
As a part of the social initiative Sneharagam that takes place every Ragam this year handmade cards will be made and sold to the college students on February 14. The proceeds from the cards will go exclusively towards charity. So let this 14th be a day to celebrate love, spread joy and make this world a happier place.

Drishti ’17


After the resounding success of Spectrum, preparations for the next ISTE event are in full swing. Drishti’17 is the annual state convention of the ISTE, and the NITC chapter is playing host this year. Described as a ‘one-of-a-kind techno-management confluence of budding students, stimulated technocrats and eminent personalities’, this event marks an important milestone in the ISTE NITC chapter.
With a host of events, workshops and lectures packed over the course of two days, this weekend is definitely going to pack a punch. Apart from CSI, Junkyard Wars, Streetsmart and other popular ISTE regulars, the workshop on Virtual Reality and their association with the NITC TEDx Salon is a sure way to attract a large crowd of intellectuals from around the region. The highlight of Drishti’17 will most definitely be the presence of Padma Shri awardee, Mr Madhavan Chandradathan, former Director of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre and the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, who will be inaugurating the event.

Chandappan To The Rescue


When NITC experiences the difficult days of the dark even semester, the whole campus on the other hand is enthralled by the entry of a new member into the NITC family- Chandappan. The white colour, 12+D seater, max power: 58 bhp, ground clearance 210mm, fuel type: diesel with additional features like power steering and ABS system- Force traveller has not only won the hearts of the ladies, but most importantly, it has completely transformed the lives of the poor boys.
The diligent prayers of the ailing inmates of the Mega boys hostel (situated in the unknown terrains of the residential campus) have finally been answered. Also, the possibility of a new bike for the poor lads have been mercilessly turned down by many parents, as reported by one of our expert reporters.The entry of the Chandappan bus service, and the notice on the NITC website, along with the bus routes henceforth ensures no more schemes for a new bike. Last but not the least, the early morning trekking to the classes have become less of a task. Thanks to the almighty management. Amen.

Check out the official bus routes here!

LH Curfews extended! Sort of..


No more running back to hostels by 7 and no more unfinished conversations. Thats right, no more 7:00 pm curfew for girls!
For years, the members of the SAC and students of the college have been trying hard for the extension of girls’ curfew till 9 and this year they’ve finally succeeded. This provision has been in effect since the 23rd of January and has proved its necessity to plenty. Dear first years, it is a pity but your curfew remains the same (yes, the unlucky 7), and senior girls, with freedom comes great responsibility. Here are a few points you may want to keep in mind to stay out of trouble:

  • Carry Your ID card at all times.
  •  Beyond 7pm, the girls are allowed to be on campus only in certain areas such as the Mini canteen, library, study room, labs, etc. Note: It’s been observed that the study room caters to the needs of academically curious couples and mini canteen to the friend circles.
  •  The Main Gate is the only accessible gate for the girls after 7.
  • If you’re staying back in campus after 7, make sure you have signed out in the movement register meant for this purpose in hostel and collect the token from the main gate while returning from campus.
  • Getting out after 7pm from the hostel is possible only if a token from the ladies hostel is issued which has to be presented at the Main gate for your entry into campus.

Piece of advice: The power is yours now but use this facility carefully to avoid its revocation. At the same time, have fun girls!

Read the official statement here!

Football Frenzy

16300443_1091969154246853_1972060912432212711_o (1).jpg
In the hockey ground, during the wee hours of the morning, some of football’s greatest clubs descend from their heavenly abode to take part in our humble Mega Football League. The German giants, Borussia Thorthmundu, and the Spanish giants, Real Megadrid, are also present in this league organized by a few second years of NITC. Matches have been fierce but not very close, with highly skewed scorelines being reported on their website, . The tournament began with 8 teams on the 24th of January 2017 but only one will lift this new yet prestigious trophy.

Apart from this new growth of football spirit among the second years, the annual Fourz Tournament is being organized by the Fourth years. Things have been taken to a whole new level this time with the release of a Fantasy Fourz app that allows you to make your fantasy team with your actual friends. Impressive huh? Now even the spectators get to actively participate. First game is scheduled for the 13th of February. Find out more about Fourz ’17 here!

Clubbing Scenes


With the advent of the Ragam semester, everyone in the college is in a frenzy to get permissions and to organize their respective club events. Three clubs have already successfully finished their events and three more are in the process of doing the same.
ISTE made sure that the first years stayed back for New Year’s and as promised, the freshers enjoyed themselves. Their enthusiasm was infectious and it left many of us wishing we could be a part of the party. At the end of the two days, BAP won Spectrum’17 by a large margin.
Next was ICA’s turn to delight the first years and sure enough they left no stone unturned. With a massive turnout, Sangam lived upto it’s expectation of being the much awaited “freshers’ party”. Soon after this, LnD hosted their event, Debutante.
Despite the fact that it was held on the weekend before T1, students turned up in large numbers to prove their mettle. The first years who participated in this event conducted by LnD, would vouch for the fact that they had a gala time. Debutante also saw Chem-EP break BAP’s winning spree with the other club events so far.
Yet to stage their act in the coming weekends are Club Math, Adventure Club and DnD. We wish them the very best for their ventures. This semester, filled with events and activities on almost every weekend will definitely make up for any complaints that the first years’ had, if any, about their first semester being dull and monotonous.

‘SPICMA-‘ what?

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-01 at 11.11.58 PM.jpeg

India is a land of vibrant and priceless cultural heritage. However, in this era of EDM and pop culture, the soft raagas of carnatic music and the mudras of bharatnatyam have slowly lost its audience. Going against the tide, a group of people in our college decided to come together to foster and revive our fading classical art forms. As a result of their efforts, a new chapter of SPICMACAY (The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) was started in NITC. A Delhi based organization with over 300 chapters around the world, SPICMACAY  works to promote Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other facets of Indian culture. For their debut event in NITC, the club is organizing a performance by the renowned carnatic music vocalist Abhishek Raghuram on the 7th of February at the Auditorium.This masterful musician’s soiree is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience even for those who haven’t been acquainted with classical music. After all, music is the universal language that brings people together.

Pass ya fail?


That day you dread is almost here. If you planned on making any sacrifices to a higher power, now is the time. Arm yourselves with the greatest lies you can come up with (if you are sitting with your parents that is) and stay strong when you click on the link. Want to go on a trip? better do it before they release the ‘kraken‘. Of course not everyone is on the same boat as some of you. You know those kids who said “Failing, for sure dude!” ? Yeah you’ll be forced to watch some of those liars get double your scores but that’s okay, some of the others will stay true to their words. Gather your army and get ready to throw a couple of swears at the toppers who said the paper went bad for them, they too don’t have your back. But maybe this post is a little too biased. Not all of you are on the extremes. Maybe some of you are just glad that its over. Irrespective of what category you fall under, believe in yourself when you take a look at the results. We at CrowTalks wish you all the luck we can dig up and offer an invisible cookie to everyone who survives.

The tentative date for announcement of results is the 7th of December so keep an eye on the NITC website for that. We’d also like to remind you that college is already asking for your money again so make sure you’ve got all of the fee payment details sorted.

Who will be next?


With the successful start to the Humans Of NITC series started by The Literary and Debating Club, the story of a popular figure among the students was brought to light. But the question everyone has been asking is the same, who’s next?
The anxious wait will come to an end on the 4th of December when the next post is released. As always catch it on the LnD facebook page or on yours truly, CrowTalks.

NITC in the papers!


This might be old news but hey, worth mentioning right? Thanks to a circular that never passed through the hands of anyone sensible enough to rephrase it, NITC finally made it to national e-papers. The notice was titled as a ‘Warning’ below which it was stated that the GIRLS found roaming with boys in the residential campus near the Ladies Hostel would be punished severely. As if the threat to suspend or expel a student wasn’t enough, the poorly written notice also focused the punishments on the female student. With national papers like India Today and Time Of India publishing this story, there was no way out of the limelight for our institution. Angry students shared posts and conveyed their pity for the administration with heavy hearts. Responses to the atrocity flew in from different parts of the county. NITC Alumni, student groups from different colleges and even feminist activist groups chose to respond and spread the news. It was almost too late when our very own SAC members spoke to the administration to get things sorted. “The circular was put out in a hurry due to some activities that occurred in the area. The concerned authorities have taken down the notice and we have asked them to release a statement announcing the withdrawal. ” said the General Secretary of SAC after a meeting with the concerned warden.

Yes, the issue has now blown over and yes it was an enormous blunder on the Warden’s part. But have we recovered from the tainted image the country sees us in? And is it time to march against the LH curfew once again? Maybe its time girls are allowed to take the last bus back to Kattangal just like the boys. Tell us what you think went wrong, how it could have been handled and of course, if its time for a change. This is crowtalks, signing off.

Stone Age


The college hostels have been struck by a series of power and internet outages over the past week. With the end semester exams right around the corner, this has been a cause of much worry to the hostel residents. It was as if the heat of the exams wasn’t taking its toll on the students, the lack of power made sure to make sweat trickle down their foreheads.
This weekend was particularly testing in many ways. As the power was restored, the mega hostel echoed with sighs of relief, but wait, there was more! The Internet disappeared into obscurity leaving us disconnected and lost. The less tech savvy among us turned to screaming at the in-corridor Hackerman to fix the WiFi, but to no effect. Angry words were spewed, fists were shook and voices were raised as the frustration was vented out. It’s truly a sight to behold to see a 21st century human crying for virtual company whilst in the presence of friends, but such is the state of man.
On further investigation, it was found that the increasingly large traffic on the network had forced the CNC to shut/slow down internet facilities. Insider information reveals that the CNC plans to place data caps on all user accounts. Whether or not this information is genuine, the CNC will definitely be taking strict action to ensure a smoother traffic flow on the NITC networks in the future.

P.S B16 roll numbers might be useful.

Basketball Diaries

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-12 at 8.48.14 PM.jpegIt was with heavy hearts that the basketball and kabaddi teams of our college returned from Jaipur, the venue for their inter-NIT tournaments this year. If one word could describe their plight, it would be unfortunate. All odds were against the NITC girls’ and boys’ basketball teams who were the defending runner’s up and champions respectively.

Sources (close friends :p) say that girls’ team had a fair chance of winning. Yet, much to the shock of everyone, they lost by a mere basket against the “not so great team” from NIT Kurukshetra. “The referees were very partial to teams from North India. It was very evident from the fact that the fouls committed by the team from Kurukshetra were overlooked and even the slightest of touch from our side were called as fouls”, said the team. According to the initial rules, the top 2 teams from each pool (there were 4 pools of 4 teams each) would move to the quarter finals. So even with the 14-16 loss against Kurukshetra, they still had hopes of moving up the ladder. However what happened next came as a huge blow to their optimism, the authority decided to chuck the quarters and directly proceed to semis which meant that the girls’ team from NIT Calicut was out of the tournament. No amount of protesting or pleading made the authorities budge. “The decision was unexpected and very unfair because the boys’ teams had to go through a pre- quarter finals and a quarter finals before entering the semi finals.” They still feel that they would have definitely reached the semi final were they given the opportunity.
To compensate for the loss against Kurukshetra, the boys’ team got a whopping score of 35-18 against NIT Uttarakhand and eased their way to quarter finals. However the way the fixtures were made for the quarters was very unsporting. Out of the 4 teams that qualified for the semi finals last year, 3 were put in the same group. So what everyone expected to see as the final match between Calicut and Surat, happened much earlier in the quarters itself. The team from our college put up a good fight but lost by 6 points. But hey, there is a silver lining to every cloud and here too, this score was way better than the score for the final match between Surat and Surathkal boys.
At the end of the tournament, Surathkal’s girls and Surat’s boys emerged victorious.

Not to forget the kabaddi team who is still very much new to the inter-NIT scene, this year being their second go at it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get past the quarter finals stage as they were knocked out against Warangal. The team had the determination and the skill but the lack of a professional coach was apparent from their performance. The team is also of the same opinion when asked about their self assessment. They incurred a lot of injuries with one of them actually getting a fracture, yet this didn’t deter them from putting their best foot forward. What they were delighted about the most was the fact that victory was theirs when they had to bump heads with the home team, Jaipur.
We are confident that with the sportsmanship and will power that the teams possess, they’ll be bringing home laurels next year.

Got ₹20 in my pocket

credits: Whatsapp

It was late in the evening when Modiji dropped his bomb on India and hence on the more important little town of Kattangal. How has this sudden MODIfication affected NITC? (The editor is deeply sorry for being ‘punny’, he simply couldn’t resist.)
Milma, Amul, Juicy and mini canteen chettans and chechis were shoved with ₹500 notes, forcing them to accept it till midnight. Trolls and memes came faster than bullets on WhatsApp and Facebook. Petrol stations were out of petrol thanks to the unforeseen rush of customers.
With the ATMs shutdown for the next two days, students left the canteens and restaurants of Kattangal deserted. For the very first time those change carriers who always pitch in the least on any given day felt rich. Surprisingly enough, BEVCO queues also saw a drastic drop in size. We believe it has nothing to do with students of this innocent tiny town. Like all backbenchers, shopkeepers too stopped taking large notes.
The turmoil seems to have settled down as long queues have now shifted to replenished ATMs. On a brighter note, at least now the campus ATMs will have to dispense ₹100 notes.  With the US dropping the next bomb in the form of Trump, we are unsure of when things will go back to normalcy.

The suffocating even semester

The clubs in NITC have since yore been engaged in a battle to prove that their association is the best in college, and their reputation is measured in the success of the events that they conduct for our first years. Involving months of meticulous planning and preparation, these affairs are a matter of pride for the members and a platform for our juniors to have fun and show off their skills. However, thanks to the cramped academic calendar and the hassles regarding permissions, events this sem have been few and far between. Colosseum by IPF (read about it in the archives) was the only full day event conducted by a club in this semester, and thanks to our lovely Warden, even that was cut short from the usual two days.
As a result, a whole lot of events have been rescheduled to the coming even semester. Starting off with a bang with Spectrum by ISTE ( Dec 31 and Jan 1), the coming semester is filled to the brim with programmes including Sangam (ICA), Dance and Dramatics week (DnD), LnD’s own Debutante, and many more. Club executives are making rounds around the college trying to get the best dates, and almost every weekend is booked. So be wary and stay with your parents as long as you can because by the end of January things will definitely be heating up on campus.

Humans Of NITC


After an ambitious effort and much anticipation, The Literary and Debating Club of NITC made its mark by following the footsteps of The Humans of New York, and henceforth establishing its own new exclusive series – The Humans of NITC, HONIT, as it is popularly known among the club executives, is a result of meticulous workplan laid out by the junior executives under the guidance of the senior members, in bringing out the true inspirational and day to day untold stories of the invisible faces of the campus. With this conventional line of work, the club intends to convey message about the different lives that revolve around the hectic student life. The first edition of HONIT gave a glimpse into the life of Abeedh aka Abeedhka, a differently abled man, who sells cigarettes in the outskirts of the college walls, and how he fought against all odds and lives with the so much optimism to achieve more for his family and children. ” I am very glad that people have been inspired by my life story. Students come to me, and tell me that I have become the star of NIT. There is much more to my life… One day I hope to make it big, by writing a book.”, Abeedhka reported. With this story out on the club fb page and WhatsApp groups, HONIT received a positive response, in majority. The club expects to work on their shortcomings and improve in the coming days, to keep up with their readership quality. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here!

Sir, Please sir!


It’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s running around with tiring lab exams and tensing vivas. It’s also one of those days when many regret the momentary joy they gained from skipping a few first hours to get that extra ten minutes of sleep. Some of the faculty claim to be seeing some of the faces for the very first time when they come asking if they have any shortage. Many in fear of being trapped by the burdensome ‘W’ are willing to do anything for the professor to avoid learning a subject a second time if they did it once at all. Fear not, condonation are a perfect tool to get them out of this ditch. But one too many times the two hours thanks to Tathva is just not enough. When things get real hard and you have no way out, you know what they are forcing you to do. Recollect that toothache you had three months ago and go to the right doctor for the very original medical certificate that proves your innocence. Pro tip: don’t mess up the dates. You need to make sure your fever or stomachache happened on the right day.
If none of this works, I’m afraid the future is starting to look a little grey for you. Beg as far as you can, make the promises of punctuality that you can’t keep and just pray they see your ‘puppy eyes’ and let you off. We’re deeply sorry if none of the above steps worked for you but atleast you get a second chance at fixing things.

The Beginning Of The End


Vacations are almost here. From where we stand now, three blissful weeks of holiday seem really close. Before anything else though, we must tactfully handle our worst nightmare a.k.a End Sems. First years will for the first time understand the value of internals as they calculate the number they need to achieve to safely get to the next semester; while the rest are preparing to take on the monstrous examination for the umpteenth time. WARNING: If you can count your internals in one hand, it’s time to buckle up and attack those books/ photocopies. Our ever helpful faculty will not fail to set the best question papers yet again (thank you faculty…what would we do without you?). Brace yourselves for two weeks of midnight cramming sessions and fruitless panic attacks. All the best folks!

First Event for First Years


WhatsApp Image 2016-10-30 at 6.51.37 PM.jpeg

Industrial and Planning Forum(IPF) had organised “Colosseum” as a fun event for the first year students on 29th October 2016 (Saturday). The new members in college meant fresh minds, unbridled enthusiasm and exponential energy. The highlight of the event was ‘Kingpin’ won by John Varghese of BAP where participants faced a series of exhilarating challenges to emerge as the numero uno of the lot! The other events were Ad Virtuoso-where the knowledge of ads were tested, Akinator-the ultimate personality quiz, Alchemist-a fun combination of treasure hunt and sell me the product, boardroom-finding a viable solution to a corporate problem, Corporate Walk-sashaying down the ramp in formals, Let’s Talk-an informal discussion and a wide array of informal events such as MummyWrap. At the end of an exhausting but exhilarating day BAP emerged as the overall winners followed closely by CSE and then ChemEP. Sure IPF had to shorten their two day event into one (thanks to our evergreen villain, the Chief Warden) but they definitely managed to pull through without boring the kids in any manner.

We are the champions!


History repeats itself. NITC’s prized football team has come home with the trophy yet again. With a college funded flight all the way to Agartala, the team was sure to be ridiculed had they not returned victorious. Rightly so, they did in fact take on all the teams right up until the semi finals with ease. It was in the semis where they thought they had finally met their match, the home team. With a 1-0 lead they inched their way to the finals. There they held their ground, defending their title from the last team that challenged their throne. The only thing standing between NIT Bhopal and the trophy were the 11 mammoths all the way down from Calicut. The 3-0 scoreline(thanks to Rashidikka and Manish Bhaiya) turned out to be a complete tragedy for the losers but a breeze for the gems from Cali. Special mentions to the top scorer Faheem M Faisal and the one man wall Akhil Ansar who managed to maintain a clean sheet throughout the tournament. And how can I forget the only second year Bharath Menon who found a spot on the squad the same way he crawled his way into this post. Congrats team! Now go around listening to your friends begging for a treat.

The Conclave


The first club event of the year, a Conclave on the topic Crime and Punishment, was conducted by LnD (i.e, yours truly) on 27th October at the ELHC Pits. A panel consisting of representatives from BTech, MBA and faculty(our dearest Harikrishnan sir) steered the discussion which was moderated by fourth year LnDian Vijay Gopal. The audience were given ample opportunities to put in their own two cents.
Though the event started off with the philosophical question of whether punishment should be given to teach a lesson to the wrongdoers or as a deterrent to the society, the focus soon shifted to more sensational topics like the need of rehabilitation and –you guessed it- capital punishment. Both supporters and the oppositions of the penalty passionately argued for their cause giving lucid reasons, examples and analogies. The comparison between the crime scenario in India and the ragging situation in our college got the applause of all first years. Even after the conclave drew to a close at the end of two hours, informal discussions (read heated arguments) continued, as the crowd was reluctant to leave the topic. Everyone who attended the discussion went back with a wider understanding of crime and punishment, mind brimming with thoughts and questions.
In a nutshell, the Conclave provided a much needed platform for the students to chew over the salient issues prevailing in the society and to meet and befriend like minded people.

Why did Amul disappear?

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-30 at 1.59.00 PM.jpeg

Amul Parlour, the only place that’s been satisfying the hunger and the sudden crave for junk food in LH after 8:30, has been shut down. It came as a surprise not just to the regular customers but also to Latha chechi ( a.k.a Amul chechi), who ran the place and is now at a loss. As of now there’s no particular reason to this tragedy but some say it’s to bring in a new branch of Juicy to help improve the unhealthy lifestyle of the students( that’s going to stop us!). Others think it’s because the parlour was already at a loss and Latha chechi must’ve found it hard to manage the place all by herself which is quite contradicting. In its absence, the night mess is open every night to silence the complains of the hungry girls but little do the caretakers know that no mess can substitute Amul and its chechi.

Record Registration

Where did all these people come from?

Every man, woman or child that enters Tathva as a competitor or a participant passes through the doors of Registration Room. The Reg Room as it is popularly known was absolutely swamped a week back and a result the Registration Committee of Tathva 2016 was able to create history. The Reg Committee operated with a brand new software which created unique identities for every participant via QR codes. The Reg Desk faced a minor setback when their groundbreaking QR tech failed due to a database crash but quick measures were taken to get the events of the day started without excess delay. The Record Reg committee was definitely aided by some unknown fans over at KTU who we swear to have not accepted any sort of bribe from us and also by our very own bouncers who enforced the 60-40. With this year’s turnout, marketing for the next Tathva might be a tad bit easier than every other year.

Side Fest


Set apart from the babble of the NITC mainland, the aspiring businessmen and administrators reside in a beautiful campus where their temple of knowledge, The School Management of Studies is situated. In contrast to the ‘fullpwoli’ Tathva conducted by the BTechs and the BArchs of NITC, Tarang’16 set foot this season and won everybody’s heart as a successful management fest. With events like Blitzkrieg, Alcestis and Breakeven, which prepared a battleground for the best managerial brains in the country, Tarang also made sure that alongwith brainwrecking events, the postgraduates also got a platform to revitalise their cultural talents with events like Thalam and Ad-selfie. The fest also witnessed a gala performance by one of the most talented Cine artist of our era, Vineeth Srinivasan, as the college auditorium thronged and sang in unison to the singer’s best tunes. Tarang’16 ,apart to being a success, has also induced a change in the general perception, that SOMS folks are not just career-oriented and money minded people, there is immense talent and love for cultural aspects embedded in those formal shirts and trousers, sported by these post-graduates throughout their college life.

The OAT is LIT!

Personal favorite performance – When Chai Met Toast

After a day’s pursuit for technical enlightenment, a clear majority of us found ourselves in the OAT for the much-anticipated Pro-Shows. This year’s pro-shows featured a mogul of the Bollywood music scene – Ash King, who put his bilingual skills to good use as he serenaded the audience with hits by John Legend, Snow Patrol and Kishore Kumar (who he happens to be related to – talk about family affection). “Could have been better, I could have played the same slow jams in my room and danced to it. Not the kind of material you’d want at a pro-show you know?” cried a second year. The end of this performance saw a large void in the audience as the music and dance teams took the stage. The set of audience left behind more than made up for the absence of their counterparts with their enthusiasm. The second night was opened by the delightful ‘When Chai Met Toast’ who got the crowd swaying to their melodies. This was followed by a power packed performance by the Lost Triplets, “If they didn’t tell me what their name meant, I would have spent the duration of the performance searching for their third member” cried a very concerned second year ECE student. DJ Siana Catherine took the stage after this performance. Her beats and bass drops drove the crowd wild. The performances lined up for this year’s Tathva, helped make it one of the best pro- shows yet.

Tathva signing off



After months of toilsome work by the students, this year’s Tathva was something hitherto unforeseen. The technomanagement fest that featured a plethora of 70+ events, lectures, workshops etc. was a huge success when compared to the previous years as students from across the nation thronged the college to participate. The informals and food stalls attracted a decent crowd as usual.The biggest crowdpuller of Tathva, Wheels was a treat to the eyes and ears, with all those revving engines and breathtaking stunts. Tathva ’16 also hosted a Paintball for the very first time in the city of Calicut. The new Tathva theme song also gave the fest a fresh vibe. Adizya was an instant hit and managed to attract a lot of spectators – thanks to their team who nailed it right from the launch of their  visually-stunning website. This year’s Tathva was a success thanks to every single committee and all its executives. A special shout out to our one and only TAS and the other coordinators who have been after it’s success right from the beginning of the year. As a whole, Tathva managed to entertain everyone – from all those ‘action’ packed clashes near the OAT (ahem ahem!) to the proshows to the lantern – filled Rajpath.

T2 Scenes

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-17 at 6.53.54 PM.jpeg

This month witnessed another major academic phenomenon that kept the midnight oil burning – T2. The continuous assessment criteria followed by the NITC ignited the hopes of aspiring engineers to give them another shot to better their chances of obtaining a higher GPA. For those minions who flunked T1, this was another chance at their doorstep to improve upon their failures, on the other, it was a cakewalk for ‘Bujis’ (surprise, surprise). T2 was also accompanied by holidays, which were disturbed by frequent power cuts that left laptops and phones craving for some ‘charge’ (because clearly phones need charge when students sit down to study). This power crisis saw students marching towards the study room, lecture halls and the senior hostels to beat the pre-retreating monsoon heat. All in all T2 marks the beginning of the most awaited week in the monsoon semester – The Tathva week, which promises a high time for the NITians.

Ready Steady Po


The champions have packed their bags and are all set to go at it one more time. The NITC football and basketball teams have pulled their socks high and are having their last few days of practice before they get out there to cling onto the cup at the  Inter-NIT championships. The football team flies out on the 19th of October to Agartala but only after they figure out where to mark it on the Indian map. The team will unfortunately be forced to skip Tathva this year. The basketball team on the other hand will leave on the eve of the 1st of November straight to the pink city of India, Jaipur. Both teams are clearly excited but will cold feet catch up with our young lads and ladies? Let’s wait and find out. We wish you the very best of luck on your endeavours dear soldiers!

Tiny Tarang


Tarang ’16 is probably something you’ve seen only in the posters stuck all over campus and never heard from any of your friends. Tarang is a national level B-Fest of School of Management Studies, since its inception in NITC. Taking place on the 18th and 19th of October in NITC, Tarang hosts a whole range of management related events and games with cash prizes over ₹25000 for each event. Check out their website to know more! DJ Savyo who is a real hype on the turntable back in Cochin is set to rock the stage in the MBA Complex auditorium. They have also set up an interactive session with Malayalam film industry’s youth icon Vineeth Sreenivasan and the crew from his latest movie ‘Anandham‘ on the 18th October. So don’t miss this chance if this is your fangirling moment. There is no need for ‘B.Techs’ to get ready or be dazzled (or any other cliched terms we content creators might use) by anything, we simply felt that such an event needed to be brought to your notice.



Celebrating festivals with utmost pomposity has always been an NITC tradition. With the ambiance filled with festivities and fervor, 10th October 2016 became a testimony to one of the best Durga Pooja celebrations in college. The complete participation of girls and first years, due to their extended permission made it even more grand. In spite of the last moment venue change from OAT to Auditorium, elated hearts turned up in huge number to dance to the beats of Dandiya sticks. The mesmerizing idol of Goddess Durga and the cultural panorama enraptured the devotees with reverence and sanctity.

The grandeur of the celebrations continued the next day, with idol immersion. A large procession of colourful faces, broke the silence of the college campus and made their way out with thrumming drums and trumpets. With the immersion of the idol, the two days fiesta came to an end and the T2 stress banged our doors yet again to knock us down.

12th Convocation


The portals of our prestigious college have seen a great variety of human beings. These budding minds set foot on the crow poop strewn grounds with diverse dreams yet they are united by a common goal. Each and everyone of them toil for four long years( longer, for the unlucky few) to attain the title of Engineer. The previous week saw the celebration of the B12 passouts’ success in a gala event conducted at the OAT on the 15th of October. It was a wonderful sight to behold, to see them all prancing around in smiles and laughter, rejoicing in each others success. With their arms on their hearts, they took a sacred pledge to be promising engineers but furthermore responsible human beings. In other news, a good majority of them took shelter in the spiritual retreat of Shangri La, reliving the wonderfully long and hazy nights of yesteryear.
As they walked down the Rajpath one final time, taking in the scents and sights, draped in glistening black robes and the characteristic graduation caps, the pass outs of B12 batch walked with their heads held high and hearts brimming with pride. Our hearty congratulations and well wishes go out to all the graduates.

A mini addition to the Mini


Displacing the old Mini canteen photocopy shop to the first floor, the all new organic juice parlour, Juicy is now up and running. Frequent Mini canteen visitors say the place has been set to look like a fruit shop but of course this is because the holes in their wallet forces them to stick to the more comfortable chillout and sambharam. A quick shoutout to the Amul store for always being there when we have a brownie craving. There have also been rumors that the new establishment was brought to introduce a healthy food culture among the students but considering how much the authorities care about us, we have strong reasons to think otherwise.

First year, First Nightout


SAC Onam marks a very important day for the newly adopted imps of the college. The first ever nightout for the first years was a grand success. Attempts were made to beat the SAC Onam record for fastest ‘pookalam‘. On the contrary , this year may have stolen the spot for the slowest one instead. The first years played an integral role in the following day’s events by taking part with utmost interest. Seniors seem hopeful that the others who prefer to lock themselves in rooms see the light and learn a lesson or two from the brave tigers and dancers.

Pre-Tathva Workshops


As we inch nearer and nearer to Tathva 16 the annual workshops draw closer. This year, the usual ropes from the tug of war for Onam have been replaced by first years as clubs fight for first years to attend their respective workshops. Each year an unsatisfied workshop participant walks out of the room in disappointment and this year was definitely different as blinking LEDs were substituted by the actually promised radios. Standard number of registrations made it to the table and hence Team Unwired, Aero Unwired, IEEE and RIG were all content with their weekend of imparting knowledge to the juniors.

IRIS Club Inaugration


IRIS – The Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation Society was officially inaugurated on 20th of September. Primarily consisting of a large number of Biotechnology students from the 2nd year, the club aims to bring students of different branches together to work on projects that can provide aid to the society. It may come as a surprise to our readers when they learn that the club has already taken up three projects summing up to a funding of ₹50,000 from TEQIP. But believe it or not, this club is here to stay and definitely be productive.