A touch of love to Ragam

When the country celebrated holi with bright colours, we at NITC had a different take on the festival. Sneharagam, the social initiative of Ragam happened this Monday at the Audi. Of all the five Sneharagams conducted so far, this one was the biggest and saw kids from 11 schools participating with enthusiasm and vigour.
It was a day entirely dedicated to those kids who are differently-abled than us. For most of us, it was an eye-opener; a day when we realised how lucky and fortunate we are. It was heart warming to see their smiles and the eagerness with which they performed on stage. A wide variety of performances like mime, mimicry, oppana, solo dances and solo songs were put up by the kids.
Everyone who worked for this noble cause deserves to be applauded. Let’s hope that this event continues to grow in the coming years and brings smiles to many more such kids.

Echoes nearby


Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode is proud to present, Echoes ’17, the annual cultural splurge full of fun and fiesta to be held from the 3rd-5th February, 2017. Echoes ‘16 witnessed a multitude of events intertwined with frolic and mirth in various aspects of the cultural palette comprising music, dance, fashion, art and theatre with participation from colleges nationwide and prized worth INR 5 lakh. With the Echoes brand growing over the years, it has now reached its pinnacle and epitomizes cultural extravagance in terms of staging and hosting some of the biggest Pro-Nites in South India with live performances by Sona Mahapatra, Agnee, Neeraj Sridhar, Aditi Singh Sharma, Nikhil D’Souza and many more. Campus Princess, the campus round of Miss India, powered by FBB, collaborated with Echoes ’16 to present the first ever Campus Princess in South India, which made Echoes win even more accolades than before.
With bigger hopes and better expectations, Echoes ’17 comes to you with the sweetest theme of the “Good Old 90s”, an era we all wish we can go back to, in sync with the 20th anniversary of the inception of IIM Kozhikode. Get clapping as KK headlines the Pro-Nite this year. The Pro-nite is followed by the heart pumping action of the main group dance event. Covering everything from literary to dance, Echoes aims to give you a chance to have fun and showcase your talents at the same time. Catch some of our very own take over the stage and rake in a few prizes. The grandeur of Echoes ‘17 will be supplemented by the countless nostalgic memoirs, heartwarming sentiments and surprises galore as this year’s carte du jour reveals the sizzling array of events planned and scheduled with the implicit promise of ‘creating memories‘.

LH Curfews extended! Sort of..


No more running back to hostels by 7 and no more unfinished conversations. Thats right, no more 7:00 pm curfew for girls!
For years, the members of the SAC and students of the college have been trying hard for the extension of girls’ curfew till 9 and this year they’ve finally succeeded. This provision has been in effect since the 23rd of January and has proved its necessity to plenty. Dear first years, it is a pity but your curfew remains the same (yes, the unlucky 7), and senior girls, with freedom comes great responsibility. Here are a few points you may want to keep in mind to stay out of trouble:

  • Carry Your ID card at all times.
  •  Beyond 7pm, the girls are allowed to be on campus only in certain areas such as the Mini canteen, library, study room, labs, etc. Note: It’s been observed that the study room caters to the needs of academically curious couples and mini canteen to the friend circles.
  •  The Main Gate is the only accessible gate for the girls after 7.
  • If you’re staying back in campus after 7, make sure you have signed out in the movement register meant for this purpose in hostel and collect the token from the main gate while returning from campus.
  • Getting out after 7pm from the hostel is possible only if a token from the ladies hostel is issued which has to be presented at the Main gate for your entry into campus.

Piece of advice: The power is yours now but use this facility carefully to avoid its revocation. At the same time, have fun girls!

Read the official statement here!

Chalachithra Samithi


Watching movies is the most resorted leisurely activity when we are bored out of our skulls by our rip-roaring college life. And to watch a critically acclaimed movie about the social issues pertinent to our society, not just satiates that universal appeal of entertainment but also arouses the long gone conscience in people. NITC Chalchithra Samithi took a commendable initiative by giving an opportunity to the spectators to witness the grim realities and drudgeries of our society through Indian Cinema. Movies such as Masaan and Born into Brothels were not just a feast for the art lovers, but managed to touch the sensitive cords of all of it’s viewers. The documentary “Born into Brothels”, presented by the Chalchithra Samithi in association with the Literary and Debating Club inspired its audience to a great extent and was the perfect spark for the right discussion. The documentary screening and discussion took place at the Raman Lecture Hall in the Physics Department at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday, the 3rd of November. The event set an excellent pedestal for the people to put forth their views on one of the most sensitive topics of our country, Prostitution. Myriad measures were discussed to curb the malignant practice.

The most wonderfully laid-out plans can prove fruitless if implementation is inefficient; something we’ve often struggled with in India. And NITC Chalchithra Samithi caters this need to put in place sensitisation and awareness amongst the folks and the importance to weaken the sting of social stigmatisation through its manoeuvre.

Note: Movie screening followed by a discussion takes place on most Wednesdays or Thursdays at the Raman Lecture Hall. Contact LnD 2nd year Albert Bonnie for more information.

Vigilance Awareness Week

Greasing the right palms is something the citizens of our nation have become accustomed to. Even though it is frowned upon by society, some see it as a necessary evil. To bring about awareness, the Central Vigilance Commission conducted the Vigilance Awareness Week from October 31st to November 5th. An elocution competition, a lecture and a pledge were the highlights of this week. Publicity for this event was low even though there was a very conspicuous banner at the main gate informing NITCians about it. Being NITCians we definitely read the banner and missed the elocution competition which had cash prizes worth ₹10,000 because we were obviously, obviously too busy.

Happy Diwali


The festive bug that’s bitten most of the country by now is all set to make its presence felt at our very own campus. This weekend, the students of NITC are geared to celebrate the return of Lord Rama. With the bright phuljhadis, the roaring phatakas and colourful sweetmeats, this carnival is one you wouldn’t want to miss. While the Telugu folks will be kick starting the celebrations in the morning, the Northies will ensure it carries on till late evening. It is also the first festival that them homesick first years will get to witness in all its glory, as the persistent seniors managed to obtain permissions for both, girls and boys. Wish you a safe and prosperous Diwali, dear students!

Goodbye Tathva, Hello Ragam


On the last night of Tathva, after the amazing performance by ‘When Chai Met Toast’, the Ragam ’17 teaser was released by the General Secretary Hanz M Antony. As memories of the last Ragam came flooding into our minds, the teaser captivated us with the lively music and colourful visuals. With promises of a bigger and even better Ragam than last time, the teaser sure did live upto everyone’s expectations. The intrigued first years got a sneak peek into the biggest cultural fest of South India. The release of the Ragam teaser at the end of Tathva continued the cycle which the college has been following since its inception as an institute of national importance.

Road to Tathva


The countdown to Tathva ’16 has never been closer. With 4 days to go, the campus is lit up and all set to come alive. With headlining acts for the Pro Nites being  the sizzling DJ Siana, When Chai Met Toast with their mellifluous music and of course Ash King, bringing Bollywood all the way down south to Calicut. Of course if you’re not keen on the party side of it, Tathva offers a plethora of  tech-centered events and even other general events that’ll keep you begging for the three day bonanza  to never come to an end. If you haven’t gotten yourself registered yet, we suggest you keep a look out on the the official Tathva website and register now!

On a side note, the official Tathva app is loaded up and is just waiting for the trigger to be pulled. Expect it’s release sometime this week. The annual Road To Tathva Treasure Hunt for the first years is a highlight for a junior-senior interaction and this year will hopefully be the same. Since most engineering students are well prepped by coaching centers, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t give a bonus hint to our avid readers. Revise the names of the campus hotspots and familiarize yourselves with all of Tathva’s event names. Watch out as your seniors gift you with nerve-wracking ‘tasks’ as you play your way to the final clue.

Finally and probably most importantly, PAD and INFRA. With Friday fast approaching, it is trivial to know that there is an enormous amount of work to be done. If the junior boys are still unaware of your committees, do remember there is just one for you; INFRA. For the girls, if not for PAD, your primary objective will be to show up for the stalls. We hope you do realize how essential your work and time will be for the forthcoming days and expect utmost cooperation in carrying out our duties. Gear up and get set, the ‘Tathva feel’ is about to kick in.

Let’s Play!


People tend to assume that sports to an engineering geek would translate to codeathons and robo-wrestling. A look at NITC’s legion of sports teams, is a clear contrast to this picture perfect definition of the average nerd’s interests. Like every semester, this semester too saw scores of tryouts for the now well settled first years. After strenuously running around the campus their seniors managed to procure the necessary permissions that allowed them to be a part of this. “We had to run around a lot to get permission for the girls. We realised the physical education department hadn’t taken the hostel permissions for the girls to be out on the day of the tryouts. The chief warden told us we were too late when we went to him, but we didn’t stop. In the end the girls had their basketball tryouts. It was an hour late but it still happened” quoted a basketball veteran of the second year. There was a massive turnout for Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton, not to forget NITC’S youngest – the Kho-Kho team. “We had to select 3 people out of the 30 that turned up, the process was grueling – splitting them into teams and assessing them. But now its all done. The practises have begun and we’re having a good time” piped a member from the volleyball team.

Adventures of Maveli


Maveli‘s entry was followed by a galore of firecrackers(which was only aimed at taking away your ability to listen to the beat of the ‘chenda melam‘). With all the students dancing and hopping together, the parading Maveli reached the Ladies Hostel where he finally felt revitalized thanks to the serene sight of white and gold up ahead. Among other complaints, Maveli also expressed his frustration at a handsome boy stealing his limelight right at the entrance to the LH. Maveli claims to have lost 5 kilos of body fat on his walk, unfortunately it refuses to show on him and hence we cannot confirm such baseless claims.

Follow Up: Sac Onam


While fourth years adorned their dark and dull black Kurtas , the third years and second years opted for a brighter and happier turquoise and orange kurtas respectively. The ladies had their own uniformity as the fourth years were dolled in an eyepleasing gang of ‘set mundu sarees‘ while the other years dressed in pretty sarees and kurtis. A grand sadhya, a beautiful environment harming showcase of firecrackers and the upbeat chenda melam clearly made a statement. Yet another reason for the fourth years to savor their memories and use the hashtag #Onelasttime.

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Tathva Website Launch


The Tathva 16 official website launch took place at the Bhaskara Hall on the 22nd of September. A successful event all in all but the scheming coders tricked all those in the room with the simple illusion of an offline launch. Although they were all sharing appreciation and hearty congratulations, the actual page went online only much later.