The OAT is LIT!

Personal favorite performance – When Chai Met Toast

After a day’s pursuit for technical enlightenment, a clear majority of us found ourselves in the OAT for the much-anticipated Pro-Shows. This year’s pro-shows featured a mogul of the Bollywood music scene – Ash King, who put his bilingual skills to good use as he serenaded the audience with hits by John Legend, Snow Patrol and Kishore Kumar (who he happens to be related to – talk about family affection). “Could have been better, I could have played the same slow jams in my room and danced to it. Not the kind of material you’d want at a pro-show you know?” cried a second year. The end of this performance saw a large void in the audience as the music and dance teams took the stage. The set of audience left behind more than made up for the absence of their counterparts with their enthusiasm. The second night was opened by the delightful ‘When Chai Met Toast’ who got the crowd swaying to their melodies. This was followed by a power packed performance by the Lost Triplets, “If they didn’t tell me what their name meant, I would have spent the duration of the performance searching for their third member” cried a very concerned second year ECE student. DJ Siana Catherine took the stage after this performance. Her beats and bass drops drove the crowd wild. The performances lined up for this year’s Tathva, helped make it one of the best pro- shows yet.


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